High Dynamic Range Images

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High Dynamic Range Imaging

(or HDR Photography)
is the future of digital photography, and the future is here.

Camera makers are producing cameras that will shoot multiple photos in rapid succession, and expose each differently so that, beside a shot with average exposure, additional shots are taken that capture the detail in very bright areas, and in dark areas. If the camera can't blend the shots together, computer software can do it for you with your guidance. The result is far more appealing, and even stunning, compared to normal photos, as the images seen here will demonstrate.

Harbor Pier at Evening

Hi, I'm "Jedediah". I've created this group gallery to provide a place
where I and others can
showcase quality HDR images,
as well as
provide critiques and pointers for fellow members.
All of my images are of Del Norte County, California, which is
along the coast at the northern border. Its a place of endless

opportunities for
photographers and the source of my inspiration
to spend so much time creating the images shared here.
view from the south end of the harbor in Crescent City, made from 3 photos

I've been making pseudo-HDR images since
2001 when I became familiar with editing photos taken with my first digital camera (1.3 MP). My newest camera is a 12 Megapixel Kodak pocket-camera with 5X zoom and a built-in panorama setting.

Most of my images are made from single photos, or multi-photo panoramas, that I've enhanced by copying bright areas
(clouds) that need to avoid becoming washed-out when the rest of the photo is brightened, along with dark areas that are copied and brightened separately, then merged with rest of the photo.
But when a scene has an extreme range from dark to bright,
that the camera can't capture in a single photo, I've switched to the practice of taking two photos -one exposed for the sky and one for the earth. I then layer and blend them together in a photo-editing program (Adobe Photo-Deluxe Home Edition, circa 1999, which came free with my first camera. It's a slow manual process, so I'm looking forward to getting a software program that will do it for me.

Endert Beach Fantasy

I hope that other photographers with HDR images will contribute to and help build this site to the point that my work is eclipsed in quantity and quality. I hope to add links to other HDRI galleries soon.

Smith River, Calif.

Adrien Nash arnash@earthlink.net
Join me in this fledgling effort to build a showcase of interesting, amazing, and wonderful HDR Images, -images that are more about artful, fascinating scenes than about the techniques used to create them, -more about the end result than the process.
Help spread the word about photo-graphy's latest and greatest trend, and about http://hdri.wikifoundry.com

delnorte.wikifoundry.com user name is Jedediah, in honor or the amazing Jedediah Smith -the first overland American explorer to reach the Pacific.
Adrien Nash http://dncwow.com (delnorte.wikifoundry.com)
artisanimages.com (http://photobucket.com/hdr_photos)
nc-wow.com (
http://photobucket.com/delnorte ) -a nature lover's paradise, with over 1,000 images of Giant Redwoods, a rugged coast, a pristine river, and a historic lighthouse.

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